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Thursday, June 22

I don't want to be scared anymore

That drawing is supposed to be my dad, but my dad doesn't wear glasses. I miss him.
Yeah, the other day I watched The Six Sense...actually it was quite a few days ago. That was a pretty cool movie, yet scary. Instead of being scared I kind of connected with the movie and felt what the characters felt, which is a different way of watching a movie. Its actually a really sad movie, but I still love that kid with the back of his head blown away, ha ha...that was gross :( I sound kinda creepy don't I, i'm sorry.
I review a lot of stuff that i've done, so another thing I got was the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video game, just cause I was a big fan of the movie. The game is alright, it could have been a lot better. I thought the music was pretty sweet though. I always look for that stuff in video games, just my thing :P
Here is another one of my movies, this one I made about 2 years ago. I had an idea for an alien guy that goes to another planet and has to travel back home. It was called Mon in Pluctose. I didn't make it, but here is a little test animation.

I am thinking of remaking a movie I did a while ago called The Motorbike, it was really short, but it was funny too :) I'll put it up if I make it, if not then I guess I won't put it up...yeah.
My medication seems to be working a little bit. I get these little "happy moments" where I get a burst of energy so to speak and I feel like I want to do things and its really great. But I'm also scared that its gonna change me and I don't know what to think. I'd like it if I didn't have to take it, but I want to be happy, I just don't know. What do you think?
I also watched Finding Nemo yesterday, that movie makes me giggle :) Dory is funny, I also like the fish with the big teeth in the dark, he was cool lookin. I think if I don't make it in animation, I'd want to be a story board artist for Pixar. You just think up ideas, draw them on paper then act them out, it looks fun!
I'm spinning around in my chair, its fun, but it makes me kind of sick too.
Anyway, God bless. Bye

Monday, June 12

Schools over! Actually its been over for almost a week. I still don't know if I passed my classes, ha ha, but I guess I would have found out by now.
Here is a cartoon I made about two years ago, I used tracing paper to match the actions and stuff, it was fun :)

I've been watching a lot of movies this week, its pretty sweet. I didn't really like most of them though. From Hell was actually kinda cool, very gory. Nick of Time was pretty good too, maybe a couple movies you want to rent.
I had a dream the other night that I got my haircut, like a buzz cut and it was insanely ugly! In case you didn't know my hair is pretty long right now and I like it this way :) So I was freaking out in the dream and when I woke up I was freaking out then I felt my hair and was like,"Oooo...phew!" He he, it was funny.
Then a couple days ago my mom woke me up early and I was like,"Jesus mom, what are you doing?" (I usually don't cuss in front of my mommy, but I was just waking up and she scared me)So I looked down and three little kittens were crawling around my bed. She had brought them from my old step dad's farm down the road. One curled in by my arm and was falling asleep, the others were exploring around my bed meowing. Lets just say I became a fem for about ten minutes :D
You know those commercials with the white blob moving around slowly with a cloud over his head, then he gets all happy and goes and joins his other blobby friends, I'm on that now. Welcome to the world of Zoloft, an anti-depression medication used for anxiety and...well depression. I don't know if its working or not, I've been having some different feelings lately. It gives me the shakes really bad and I always feel like I need to stretch, lol, you know when your tired and you just want to reach out and stretch, thats me, only I can't stop doing it! :P
Well its one in the morning, best go to bed, night!

Thursday, June 1

...Lets go to the Candy Store...

Last summer I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when it came out in theaters. After I saw it I wanted to make my own version of it; so I started making a stop-motion, lego version about my friend, Jordan, and I going into a chocolate factory. I just thought up the story as I animated it. After working on it for about two months my computer freaked out and deleted some of the scenes. I gave up after that, but the other day I decided to put together what I had left. So here is the remainder of Jack and Jordan and the Chocolate Factory!
Jack and Jordan and the Chocolate Factory

I also finished typing up my story about the evil bubble gum, please read :)
The Gum

I drew that picture of Emily from Hide and Seek. It was really fun to draw and I really got into it.
School is almost over, one day left. That will be nice. I am not really excited though, I know it will be back in three short months anyway.
I am beginning to wonder how my name got used as a nick name for masturbation, know what I mean?
I have to go eat supper, soup tonight :)