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Tuesday, December 27

Christmas Cards

I drew these Christmas cards for all of my friends, I also wrote them a weird poem on the back, here it is...

It is Christmas time
and you all feel quite fine
because everything seems to be brighter.
There is lights galore,
green fluff around doors,
and spirits are much much lighter.
Of coarse there's one problem,
that everyone faces,
of buying gifts for friends.
You could buy cell phones,
or cute mini skirts;
the list never seems to end!
I myself do not worry about presents
(because I always end up getting them a dead pheasant)
No I try not to buy a single thing
because to me it does not matter,
there is one thing at Christmas
that means more to me than
or yummy cake batter.
The one thing at Christmas
that I love the most
is not even fire on a log.
The only thing I care about at Christmas
is that wondrous and tasty egg nog.
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 14

Don't TOY with me

That's a piece of paper, yeah...
Our school had a snow today, and what did I do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Dammit I am so lazy sometimes, of course planning is useless for me, cause when I want to do something in the future, I am never in the mood for it when that time comes. I played Sly Cooper, watched TV, typed on the computer and called Hayley : D
I re-started Horaro the other day and it is well on its way, and I am also putting my old claymation, called Shadows, together. So that is a real treat, though it is a bit choppy.
I am also starting on a new story and kind of giving up Possessed Caveman. Now I can't promise anything, but it is going to be about a toymaker who gets in an accident and becomes insane, then he starts making demented toys. Another fun haunting story.
Christmas is coming and I have only twenty dollars to spend on my mom and sister and close friends, I am screwed. So some of the gifts may be belated, my apologies towards my friends : (
Did you know that Paul Ruebans played The Penguin's father in Batman Returns? Wow, my life is better now that I know that.
James is at a snag, cause I had to redo his shirt, cause it got infested with dust and dirt, and now I am out of clay, lets all cry and say a silent prayer that James will get his shirt back soon.
In the meantime, go write a letter to your loved one, k, it's fun.

Friday, December 2

Chocolate Nightmare

It is funny how sometimes you don't wanna draw at all, then all of a sudden you just sit down and start drawing and you are just loving it. Yeah I drew this pic of the new Wonka in my class, it is one of my better drawings actually. Then I sat down tonight and drew another pic. This one is a combination pic of Nightmare before Christmas and Chocolate Factory, which is quite an obsession of mine lately. But I hope you enjoy them.
This week has been a little insane. Apart from working on and performing a choir concert I have also started a new story and already have a terrible writers block. This one is very tough cause I have really thought about it and it seems there is no way around it. My new story is called possessed Caveman; it is about a caveman who gets...well...Possessed. It is just supposed to be a fun little story, but I am not having so much fun with it now. It is really hard to figure out what a possessed caveman can do when he is all alone and there is nothing to make him do. If anyone has any idea for what could happen I would really appreciate it : D
I am also workin on my new clay figure, James, and he is looking pretty good.
It is also now permanent that my Chocolate Factory movie is gone, I saved it on discs, and now, for some odd damn reason I can't get them off the damn discs! So it's all down the toilet, which is a wonderful feeling of all the work I put into it, stupid computer. The same thing happened with my Horaro movie where part of the first clip deleted and now I have to start over with that too, so I don't know what the problem is with these frikken computers!
But I am also getting my first claymation with "Eddy" put together. Then I will get to put voices, sounds and music in. I have no idea if i'll get it up online somewhere where anyone can watch it, but I will try. That would be great.
But I am going to go draw some more, so have a good night.