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Saturday, December 16

Conjuring a Dome

So hi, its been about a month. I can never remember what to post about when I start this thing. I'll start off with something random.
I happened to stumble upon an online game and I really want to share it with everyone. I find it addicting and silly. Go to http://www.linerider.com/
Its really simple and doesn't require any loading, so please check it out =)
I've been working on Headless a lot lately and I hope you'll be happy to know that I'll be done before the month is over. That is if I don't get lazy and slack off on it. I am also going to be working on another movie this following week for another school project. Jordan B. and I are gonna go as a team and hopefully bring Jack and Jordan back for another silly history project. So you'll be seeing a lot of Jack and Jordan this month. I've been thinking a lot about those characters lately and I've been really been getting deep into thought about them. Jack and Jordan are Jordan B's and my babies. It is so fun to think up so many different adventures and any one seems to fit. You just have to remain true to there characters. Jack is always stupid and Jordan is trying to set him on the right path. I don't want to sound braggy or anything like that but I just love the reactions and the comments I get about Jack and Jordan from people who watch their movies. Some people say they love them, I'm not sure in which way though, heh. When I play them for classmates or for friends and family, I love the reactions (mostly laughs) they get. Its what really drives me to keep creating Jack and Jordan adventures. I think I've found my main guys here.
Ha ha, sorry I really just wanted to rant about that =)
Well here's another first animation of mine. Its of a guy writing Hi, very short but bittersweet....not really. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwLBSxJvIpM

So after much thought and consideration I have finally come to the conclusion that I....HAVE WAY TO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS. It is a terrible habbit to break. I have a schedule for myself that I usually stick to, and if I go outside my comfort bubble and don't follow my "schedule" I kind of go insane, its really sad. I dred the idea of getting a job pretty much, but I know I am going to next year. Is this really bad or do I have nothing to worry about?

I have a big hole in my pajamma pants, its sad because there my favourite but you can see my undies right through it, ha ha, to much information. So Kaci Dunn has been giving me wedgies all this week at play practice. It didn't hurt and it was pretty funny. But I still don't like getting wedgies.

So my friend Bruce got me into this fad of wearing gloves with no fingers. I really like them. Not just because of the look but because along with keeping my hands warm I can also write much easier and blow my nose and crap like that, ha ha. Its kinda nice, I just really like them.

I don't think theres really anything else to post about, most of the stuff I talk about is pretty boring anyway. Incase I don't update in another month, Merry Christmas and don't let the Jews get to ya! bye