Jack's Blog

Saturday, September 1

I'm hangin out at my sister, Misty's right now in the state of South Dakota. They have fast internet so I can actually post this blog in under an hour. Things are going pretty good so far. I love being here with my sis, her husband and their son, they are mucho fun to be around.
So the big news right now...

Pooh's Huffelump Movie isn't that bad, even though my little nephew has watched it twice already today.
Okay so that wasn't really the big news. As most of you know already, I have dropped out of this years play. Acting is not something I want to do right now, I honestly really don't enjoy doing it. But I want to make it known that it is not the new drama director because I like her and she is nice to me and she is pretty awesome, but I think some things could be done better. I can't see myself truly happy doing this, so it's over as of now. I feel like I'm breaking a relationship off or something here.
Anyway, since eveything else I say is kinda dumb, I'm gonna go play a board game.
Goodnite, and God Bless You or whatever.