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Wednesday, March 22

Waffle Maker

I have always liked Catscratch, it reminds me of the old days of Nickelodian of Rocko's Modern Life and Rugrats. It has that sort of old cartoony feeling to it.
I got a cell phone yesterday, actually what I meant to say was; I got a FUCKING GOD DAMN cell phone yesterday. I don't really like cell phones that much. My mom got it for me, I don't really know why; I don't really need a cell phone. I will probably start using it more and more as time goes on and start to like it. I asked my cat to scratch my eyes out if that ever happened, but I don't think she understood me.
I am writing in my new story, about the perfect town, almost everyday. The story is called Welcome to Proper Ville. I am almost sure that I will get through this story without any writers block. I drew a rough outline for what I want to happen. I often find that helps just to rough out what you want to happen before you start the real story. I really want to make this story into a claymation movies later, but it sounds kinda hard; I dunno if I can do it!
My grandmother passed away the other night, and I have been pretty much mourning her death ever since. She was a really good grandma, awesome cook, nice lady, very optimistic, the kind of people you wish would live forever. I guess she was suffering from her old age though, and I would much rather have her be happy; she deserves it.
I also animated some more in the Horaro movie. The little girl, Emily, comes in to help the main character, Nick, with his book. It is a really bittersweet moment, and I didn't think I could pull it off with animation, but I think I did it. I just had to move the little lego dudes really slowly so they look like there taking there time and, shall we say, look like they're being gentle.
That's the most of it, have an awesome day guys, and give your grandma a hug for me, okay?

Friday, March 10

Here is a sketch of what I thought the two guys in Mr. Little and I's comic strip might look like, I still have to go more twisted, it is fun!
Have you noticed that every icon I have had for the past few months has been Johnny Depp, that seems kind of gay doesn't it, ha ha. Just thought I should mention it in case anyone was getting any ideas.
I got a total of three animated scenes done tonight, and I was so excited I wanted to post one scene of my movie, Horaro, up here. This is what I have been working on for the past couple months. If you can, try and guess what the kids are doing in the clip and comment on it, okay :)
Horaro Clip

I have given up on my Valentines Day Attack story because there are too many holes in it and it wouldn't work out, sadly. I am going to start a new story about a "perfect town" and the mayor is really depressed because his parents were murdered when he was a child. So he is trying to get rid of his melancholy feelings by opening a village that is all happy and proper. More on that story later.
Hope every one has a good weekend.

Friday, March 3

Russian Nightmares

This week was really terrible, one of the worst weeks I have ever encountered! Today was okay I guess, though my problems kept creeping back to me. I miss my friend Breezy like crazy, and I want to see her again so badly! (Love you Breezer)
I am trying to figure out a way to tell my dad that I really don't want to visit him anymore, because I can not stand it down there with his two adopted kids! It is so awful, I have nightmares about it!! But it is so so hard because I really love my dad and I really miss him, but I just cannot handle it. I don't know what I am going to do. But sorry, I had to ramble about that for a second.
Recently it has been very awkward and rough between my mom and sister. Tonight I went up to just get a drink and my mom starts yapping at me about how my sister is all bratty and such a bitch and is so into every one else's business...so on so forth. Then I go downstairs and I hear more stuff from my sister about my mom being so obsessive over my step dad and how she never does anything right and all that. So it is rather comical, but also fucking annoying, if you get my drift.
I have started play practice this week, and actually got stage time. I was completely nervous at first because I am around all these professionals and I am a beginner, but then I just started getting into my character and trying to figure out how this son of a bitch might really sound (The character is a judge who is a prick) So I tried doing this little fun squeaky voice at first, which I guess is entertaining, but not the right voice yet. I will try to find a more raspy voice, then get into moving around the stage and using actions. Acting is fun, I just don't know how I am going to remember the lines!
I really like this short song...
"Oh listen tender lumplings, let me take your little hands;
I'll take you from this hell hole to the promised lands.
But don't blame me, oh children, if those promises don't keep.
Cause promises, like lives, can be bought so very cheap."