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Tuesday, September 30


For anyone who still reads this...
I don't think I'll be making posts on blogspot here anymore, however I may still make some posts on my myspace. I will leave this blog up though because it's fn to look back at old stuff.
I also have some more sad news, my youtube account got deleted because I violated some terms something or other. I uploaded some funny spongebob clips and I guess that was bad, so all my movie got deleted. But not to fear. I will be reposting most of them up soon. I am actually in the process of cleaning up some of my old animation-making them look more crisp and clean and whatnot. So I will get my animations back on my new youtube account (shhh) in a few days. But other than that, i think i'll just be making posts on my myspace from now on-no offense to blogspot but i think it's much more popular then here, and i will probably get more feedback ;)
Here is my myspace-


and here is my new youtube account (currentley blank)


It has been great being here all these years. I promised myself I wouldn't cry....
ok bye.

Thursday, January 24

In Loving Memory...

Sometimes you never know how to begin something with such a sad message. It's like jumping in a lake of ice water, which is also how this post will begin.
Cheryl Tri passed away today. Though it has been repeated today so many times, it still feels as if the message was just told-it feels like jumping in a lake of ice water. Cheryl was a wonderful lady, very inspiring, kind hearted, strong and in all ways awesome. I'm guilty of not getting to know her more than I did, but didn't need to know her to know that she was all of these things. I admired her greatly, very very greatly. I looked up to her a lot, and she was quite literally a hero.
I made this movie a couple years ago for her and if you've seen it you'll see she becomes a knight in shining armor, that is how I'll always see her, and that is what she was-a beautiful, heroic knight.

Farewell Cheryl.

Monday, January 7

This is piss with ink

Hey, whats up? I 've gotten bogged down by life so I haven't had much time to update. It's not a bad thing though, I don't have as much free time as I used to, but I suppose that's a good thing for me. I have my lovely job, a beautiful girl around my am and...well that's about it, ha ha. So not much is bogging me down, you know I don't even know what that word means, bogged-hmmm.
I have been thinking about updating for an eternity, but never got around to it. Abducted is still motionless, I haven't started filming. I did however finish one alien out of clay. I ran into a lot of difficulties with the space ship and the first alien I made. I constructed the spaceship out of a styrophome ball and black clay-air escaped and it cracked so now I have to start all over, I'm going to use a soft ball this time. Then I tried a different kind of clay and it turned out to be crap. Then the first alien I made was badly constructed and too small. Now I got it down and he looks pretty damn cool.
I also completed a cartoon tonight, it's short and silly and teaches you how to do a magic trick. It's poorly drawn but that adds more character.

So I thought I should post a couple sketches I've done over the break.
Also, you need to go see Sweeney Todd right now, how dare you sit there and read this shit while Mr. T is playing at your local theatr this very instant! Seriousley though, the film is wonderful. It is so deeply satisfying when you see him slice open his victims and the blood splurges-I think of people I hate :) It's done in a very artistic form though, I never got scared-I also want to become a barber now, ha ha just kidding...or am I...
I was frightened of hearing the score because I'm not one for most musicals. This one was surprisingly catchy though, and hearing Johnny sing, mmm, what a hunk! All the actors sung good though, even though I'm sure their pitch was changed on the computer at times.
Well I don't know when I'll update again, but until then I hope all you readers do wonderfully and say the word "like" much less. much love

Monday, November 5

History Crud

Here is my latest video, History Crud. Enjoy.

History Crud

Wednesday, October 3


This is one of my favourite songs at the moment by Danny Elfman.


(que accordion)
Countless long nights
While I stare at the wall
I ask myself over again...
How did I end up
In this little hell?
How did it ever begin?
Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpless
Helpless to turn back the clock
That ticks on
With its cruel shiny face
It laughs while it watches
My every disgrace,
I was born a sap
All the nurses laughed when they
Saw me the first time
They giggled and said
This poor little monster'd be
Better off dead!
Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpless
Helplessly trapped in a body
I'm sure
Should have never been mine.
I bet that my real one is
Doing just fine and
I don't belong here,
I don't belong here
I should be quite rich
With a big shiny car
A house with twelve rooms
I deserve to go far!
Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpless
Helplessly falling in love
But does love
Really last through the night?
To love - To honor -
To kick and to bite!
And I don't belong here,
I don't belong here
It's all a mistake
I was destined for greatness
A leader, a prophet
They're just too blind to notice.
How did this whole silly story begin?
It seems that my mind has gone blank.
It seems that I've messed up a chapter or two.
Perhaps it is best if I'm frank.
Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpless
Helplessly lost like that
poor chap who came
For an innocent dance.
He left with his brain smeared
All over his pants!
Cause he didn't belong here,
he didn't belong here
He never should've left
That warm cage in a zoo!
His face was so ugly
What else could I do?
Can you really blame me,
I had to smash it.
He left me no choice,
he was just like the others.
I just had to kill him.
Like my poor, dear, old
Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpless
Helplessly fucked in the ass
By a legion of forty ex-cons
That's what it feels like
When you walk all over me.
Don't belong here,
I don't belong here
Your eyes burn right through me.
They fill me with fear.
I could've been at home
Watching football while drinking beer.
I say, Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpless, so helpless.

Saturday, September 1

I'm hangin out at my sister, Misty's right now in the state of South Dakota. They have fast internet so I can actually post this blog in under an hour. Things are going pretty good so far. I love being here with my sis, her husband and their son, they are mucho fun to be around.
So the big news right now...

Pooh's Huffelump Movie isn't that bad, even though my little nephew has watched it twice already today.
Okay so that wasn't really the big news. As most of you know already, I have dropped out of this years play. Acting is not something I want to do right now, I honestly really don't enjoy doing it. But I want to make it known that it is not the new drama director because I like her and she is nice to me and she is pretty awesome, but I think some things could be done better. I can't see myself truly happy doing this, so it's over as of now. I feel like I'm breaking a relationship off or something here.
Anyway, since eveything else I say is kinda dumb, I'm gonna go play a board game.
Goodnite, and God Bless You or whatever.

Thursday, August 9

Other Stuff

So a lot has gone on in the past month. I got a job workin at Subway now, its not very exciting but I didn't expect it to be. I am a legal (or illegal) adult now, however that works. I recieved an Ipod which I have been stuck on for the past week. I finished Brandon Schmidt's mum's anniversery video and I am inthe process of getting a new camera for my animations. Since I have been workin on a video this past month, I have no new videos to show here-and I do not plan to upload this anniversery animation onto youtube for it not very good. I didn't spend a lot of time on it because I wasn't really into it, it probably one of the worst animations I've done with Legos. But I respect Brandon's mum and her anniversery and I am very flattered that she chose me to do something like this-she is really a wonderful lady. I just don't think I want to animate any more anniversery videos :)
The Heinz Ketchup Commercial ends on the 16th in about a week. Have I started yet, no. Do I know what I'm going to do, yes. It's only 30 seconds long and I feel quite certain I can finish it. I just need to get my fat ass in gear, ha ha.
I'm getting a new USB camera to film my movies with now, which means they will be better quality...I think anyway, I hope. We'll see what happens.
That's it, bye.