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Thursday, January 24

In Loving Memory...

Sometimes you never know how to begin something with such a sad message. It's like jumping in a lake of ice water, which is also how this post will begin.
Cheryl Tri passed away today. Though it has been repeated today so many times, it still feels as if the message was just told-it feels like jumping in a lake of ice water. Cheryl was a wonderful lady, very inspiring, kind hearted, strong and in all ways awesome. I'm guilty of not getting to know her more than I did, but didn't need to know her to know that she was all of these things. I admired her greatly, very very greatly. I looked up to her a lot, and she was quite literally a hero.
I made this movie a couple years ago for her and if you've seen it you'll see she becomes a knight in shining armor, that is how I'll always see her, and that is what she was-a beautiful, heroic knight.

Farewell Cheryl.


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