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Monday, January 30


This is a sad poem I wrote a while back, it is about death. Special thankyou to Amanda Sarazin for helping me on it : D
Anyway, please, anyone, tell me what you truly think of it, since it is one of my first poems.

So many things...
So many things were built up
I didn't take the time to sort them out
and I acted too quickly.
Now it is over, ended
so wrongly

I sit next to my mother
whom is crying hard,
trying to figure out what she did wrong
I try to tell her she did nothing wrong
it was all my doing
I speak to her
telling her the truth
trying to calm her
she cannot hear me
I begin to cry
screaming at my mother
trying hard to make her hear me

I stare down at my bloody wrists
still bleeding
but I feel no pain
my pain is in my heart
I acted too quickly
those that cared for me
cannot care anymore
I have spread my misery into their lives

I watch the wooden box
holding my entire life
holding my loves
my losses
and all that I ever cared for
lowered into a hole

They walk away
I chase after them
not wanting to give up
But they ignore me and continue to walk
It begins to rain
and I stand alone as I watch them all leave
leave me behind
and forget about me
If only I hadn't acted to quickly

Tuesday, January 24


Here are the lyrics to my favorite song, I hope you like it. Also a picture I drew.

Mary wasn't happy with the life that she led
She was a simple girl without much to say
So one day she upped and left her dreary home
And she left all her friends to wander all alone
And at first she was afraid, she was so far away
From her home but slowly she got to like it anyway
Oh Mary won't you please come...

Well in time she found that mountain that she had been taught
Her whole life, that she must avoid
And though at first it hurt, and no one could comfort her
She finally came to appreciate it
And she liked it, she liked it - oh wasn't she surprised
And though still alone, she grew so much inside
Oh Mary won't you please come...

And after a time, she became so sublime
She could look in peoples eyes and read their minds
Though her hands would sometimes bleed and occasionally
She would long for her past and the memories they bring
She decided to return to her old home town
And her heart was burning with all the things she found
Oh Mary won't you please come...

So, Mary came back and at first no one recognized her face
And her friends were all a little bit afraid
When they heard what she had to say
They all slowly backed away
And her family took her aside and put their arms around her
They said Mary won't you please come back to us now
There is still time to repent for all your sins
And Mary started to cry when she realized
That she'd never come home again in her life

Oh Mary won't you please come
Mary won't you please come home...

Sunday, January 22


Three of my stories I have written, just click the link.
The first one is the story to Horaro, so I hope you enjoy it, it's nine pages long so bear with me okay.
The second one was a story I had to write for school, it was supposed to be a children story, but as you can see I tweaked the meaning of children story.
Then there is James. Enjoy.



Friday, January 13

No monsters up here

Tonight was a very interesting night, I learned some stuff! I am now smarter than I was before, very interesting. So I watched the behind the scenes stuff on Secret Window, which is something I usually do. There are so many twists and turns in that movie, it is so beautiful. Needless to say, I have learned some new tricks for movie making :D
Anyways, I am taking a break from my "Don't TOY with me" story, cause I am at a writers block with it. I dug an old story out of my mind, which I had been trying to write last year. It's called Death Child and is a tale about a baby who survives an abortion, but continues to decompose into a skeleton, its quite creepy as you would have guessed, but I am going to make it a bittersweet story, because this boy is so innocent. Think for a second, how would it feel if you survived an abortion, that your mother decided she didn't want you, what an awful thought. That's how emotional I want this story to be.
I worked a little on the Horaro movie the other day, I made a boy catch a book, which is much more difficult than it sounds. I am on a "boring" part in that movie, I just have to get passed it and production will most likely speed up
I really want to type up some of my stories, such as Horaro and a couple of the James stories. I just might do that soon, I really want to share my stories :)
Anyhow I am having nightmares in my mind, so I really want to call up my Hayley girl and have her calm me down, have a good day.
"I just wanted you to be happy, Mort."
"Well I guess you shouldn't HAVE FUCKED HIM THEN!"

Sunday, January 1

Large Marge sent me

I have been drawing a few pictures in my new sketchbook, and it seems to be working out great. I had an idea for a story last year about a boy who goes into his own wonderland, I tinkered with it, then grew bored of it : P
Well first things first, I am in love with Hayley, she is a sweetheart and I wish she were here with me right now! The other day, her and I went to see King Kong, which I guess is an ok movie, not great, but not horrible. The ending could have been better. But I had a good date with my Hayley girl.
I animated a scene the other day in Horaro. I have been so slow on that movie, just not in the mood to animate as often as I used to be. But the scene turned out really good.
I finished putting together my Shadows clay-mation too, I had to add sound effects, which was really a pain in the ass, ha ha. But actually the sound effects turned out good, just the fact that I had to do all the voices again, it sounds kinda corny. I will try to put it up somewhere on the web to watch, once I get he music in : D
I am so excited to start righting in my leather back notebook. There is something about starting a new story in a brand new notebook that is just so exhilarating,
ha ha, know what I mean? Probably not.
But I feel like animating, so I think I will go finish another scene here, : P
Wish me luck!
"Hello, I am looking for Peter Griffin."
"Your in him."