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Tuesday, September 30


For anyone who still reads this...
I don't think I'll be making posts on blogspot here anymore, however I may still make some posts on my myspace. I will leave this blog up though because it's fn to look back at old stuff.
I also have some more sad news, my youtube account got deleted because I violated some terms something or other. I uploaded some funny spongebob clips and I guess that was bad, so all my movie got deleted. But not to fear. I will be reposting most of them up soon. I am actually in the process of cleaning up some of my old animation-making them look more crisp and clean and whatnot. So I will get my animations back on my new youtube account (shhh) in a few days. But other than that, i think i'll just be making posts on my myspace from now on-no offense to blogspot but i think it's much more popular then here, and i will probably get more feedback ;)
Here is my myspace-


and here is my new youtube account (currentley blank)


It has been great being here all these years. I promised myself I wouldn't cry....
ok bye.