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Sunday, January 1

Large Marge sent me

I have been drawing a few pictures in my new sketchbook, and it seems to be working out great. I had an idea for a story last year about a boy who goes into his own wonderland, I tinkered with it, then grew bored of it : P
Well first things first, I am in love with Hayley, she is a sweetheart and I wish she were here with me right now! The other day, her and I went to see King Kong, which I guess is an ok movie, not great, but not horrible. The ending could have been better. But I had a good date with my Hayley girl.
I animated a scene the other day in Horaro. I have been so slow on that movie, just not in the mood to animate as often as I used to be. But the scene turned out really good.
I finished putting together my Shadows clay-mation too, I had to add sound effects, which was really a pain in the ass, ha ha. But actually the sound effects turned out good, just the fact that I had to do all the voices again, it sounds kinda corny. I will try to put it up somewhere on the web to watch, once I get he music in : D
I am so excited to start righting in my leather back notebook. There is something about starting a new story in a brand new notebook that is just so exhilarating,
ha ha, know what I mean? Probably not.
But I feel like animating, so I think I will go finish another scene here, : P
Wish me luck!
"Hello, I am looking for Peter Griffin."
"Your in him."


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