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Wednesday, December 14

Don't TOY with me

That's a piece of paper, yeah...
Our school had a snow today, and what did I do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Dammit I am so lazy sometimes, of course planning is useless for me, cause when I want to do something in the future, I am never in the mood for it when that time comes. I played Sly Cooper, watched TV, typed on the computer and called Hayley : D
I re-started Horaro the other day and it is well on its way, and I am also putting my old claymation, called Shadows, together. So that is a real treat, though it is a bit choppy.
I am also starting on a new story and kind of giving up Possessed Caveman. Now I can't promise anything, but it is going to be about a toymaker who gets in an accident and becomes insane, then he starts making demented toys. Another fun haunting story.
Christmas is coming and I have only twenty dollars to spend on my mom and sister and close friends, I am screwed. So some of the gifts may be belated, my apologies towards my friends : (
Did you know that Paul Ruebans played The Penguin's father in Batman Returns? Wow, my life is better now that I know that.
James is at a snag, cause I had to redo his shirt, cause it got infested with dust and dirt, and now I am out of clay, lets all cry and say a silent prayer that James will get his shirt back soon.
In the meantime, go write a letter to your loved one, k, it's fun.


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