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Thursday, June 1

...Lets go to the Candy Store...

Last summer I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when it came out in theaters. After I saw it I wanted to make my own version of it; so I started making a stop-motion, lego version about my friend, Jordan, and I going into a chocolate factory. I just thought up the story as I animated it. After working on it for about two months my computer freaked out and deleted some of the scenes. I gave up after that, but the other day I decided to put together what I had left. So here is the remainder of Jack and Jordan and the Chocolate Factory!
Jack and Jordan and the Chocolate Factory

I also finished typing up my story about the evil bubble gum, please read :)
The Gum

I drew that picture of Emily from Hide and Seek. It was really fun to draw and I really got into it.
School is almost over, one day left. That will be nice. I am not really excited though, I know it will be back in three short months anyway.
I am beginning to wonder how my name got used as a nick name for masturbation, know what I mean?
I have to go eat supper, soup tonight :)


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