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Thursday, June 22

I don't want to be scared anymore

That drawing is supposed to be my dad, but my dad doesn't wear glasses. I miss him.
Yeah, the other day I watched The Six Sense...actually it was quite a few days ago. That was a pretty cool movie, yet scary. Instead of being scared I kind of connected with the movie and felt what the characters felt, which is a different way of watching a movie. Its actually a really sad movie, but I still love that kid with the back of his head blown away, ha ha...that was gross :( I sound kinda creepy don't I, i'm sorry.
I review a lot of stuff that i've done, so another thing I got was the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory video game, just cause I was a big fan of the movie. The game is alright, it could have been a lot better. I thought the music was pretty sweet though. I always look for that stuff in video games, just my thing :P
Here is another one of my movies, this one I made about 2 years ago. I had an idea for an alien guy that goes to another planet and has to travel back home. It was called Mon in Pluctose. I didn't make it, but here is a little test animation.

I am thinking of remaking a movie I did a while ago called The Motorbike, it was really short, but it was funny too :) I'll put it up if I make it, if not then I guess I won't put it up...yeah.
My medication seems to be working a little bit. I get these little "happy moments" where I get a burst of energy so to speak and I feel like I want to do things and its really great. But I'm also scared that its gonna change me and I don't know what to think. I'd like it if I didn't have to take it, but I want to be happy, I just don't know. What do you think?
I also watched Finding Nemo yesterday, that movie makes me giggle :) Dory is funny, I also like the fish with the big teeth in the dark, he was cool lookin. I think if I don't make it in animation, I'd want to be a story board artist for Pixar. You just think up ideas, draw them on paper then act them out, it looks fun!
I'm spinning around in my chair, its fun, but it makes me kind of sick too.
Anyway, God bless. Bye


  • Jack, I was just watching A&E and they had this biography about Johnny Depp. It was really good. I just wanted to let you know!


    By Blogger shoneyrox, at July 09, 2006  

  • Hey I saw that today, it was pretty cool, ha ha :P
    thankyou for letting me know ;)

    By Blogger Jack, at July 09, 2006  

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