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Saturday, July 14

Stainless Steel

IT'S HERE! I am very excited about this one. This clay-mation is my best yet, at least in my opinion. I spent a lot of time on it and I hope it kind of shows :D
So I now present my newest work-
Stainless Steel

One thing to look forward to is the voice of Mr. Sean Patrick Little!
(Author of The Centurion-Click Here Immediately)
He wonderfully added his voice to the old man and really brought him to life! Mr. Little brought a comic sense into it that I never imagined, it is really fantastic. I really love it!
The movie was originally based off a painting a found on Google. I don't remember where I found it, but I fell in love with it right away and finally decided I wanted to make a movie out of it. The painting is the one showed above. It is by someone named Chris and was made in 2003 (in the corner) The painting also features a pigeon which I considered adding, but thought it would have no real point. So it got tossed.
I had a few minor difficulties during film making (the old man's armature breaking right away and the light changing suddenly during animation) But it was all worth it.
I knew the music before I started the film (which is usually the case, music choosing is my favourite part) The score is from A Series of Unfortunate Events by Thomas Newman. The score had a metally sound to it along with some ques of comic mischief. I hope you agree that it is rather a nice fit :) maybe?
Anyway, I apologize for my bragging, I'm just really excited about it.
With this I bring some exciting news. Mr. Little called me a while back and told me about a thing Heinz Ketchup is doing. They are offering fifty seven thousand dollars to whoever can make a thirty second commercial using their product. The commercials sent in will be judged and the best one will win. So you can guess what Mr. Jordan and I have been trying to come up with :)
(Yes, I've been using Mr. in front of every one's names. No, I am not gay)
Also I've been reading Mr. Little's book, The Centurion The Balance Of The Soul War, for the past couple of weeks. I have to give him a lot of credit here, he has done a lot for me this past month :D
This book is absolutely amazing! When I pick it up I seriously cannot put it down until nature calls or something like that! It is a real page turner. The descriptions of what is happening are so rich and colorful. The action is very exciting, and you always wonder what will happen next. The characters are very very well done. I am not just being nice when I say, this is the best book I have read in years. Please check it out here-Not There But Here
Or read his blog here-Not here but there.
Anyway, that's about all this psychopath has to say.


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