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Sunday, June 10

I got together with Amy, Hayley and Kate and we made a music video for choir. It is the song Special Fred from Stephen Lynch and we can all be seen lip syncing the words. As soon as I heard we were doing a music video for an assignment, I had to do an animation for it, because that's what I do to get past assignments at school! So the video is half animation, half live action, enjoy.
Special Fred

Hang on, I have to listen to this song...
Okay, sorry that was a good song.
So I guess I'm out of school now, yup. Nothing special.
I recorded the Pee Wee's Big Adventure soundtrack yesterday, and it sounds pretty good. It's weird, but I like doing that stuff, because I'm a freak :)
I'm about half way done with my clay mation movie. It's coming along fairly nicely.
I don't really have much to say, not really in the mood to blog. Bye


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