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Saturday, May 19

I want to go to sleep, I wanna take a nap

I got my Headless movie on a big animation website!
Clay-Animation Page

I just wanted to show that.
That drawing is from Amity Ville Horror. I did it from memory during study hall class so it's not accurate.
So your not gonna believe this, I went to the doctor's yesterday to get a checkup because I had been having this really bad stomach ache lately. Anyway, they said it could be serious so they did some examinations and it turns out that I had 5 pounds of seamen in my stomach!
Those of you who haven't realized by now must know that this story is fake. It's a joke, I don't suck people. Did I get your attention. I kind of got that from South Park. Eric combines these little sea shrimp he gets in the mail with sperm and it makes a thriving civilization. So he gets more sea people and more sperm. He comes into the room,"I got 5 gallons of seamen, this guy gave it to me in the alley. The dumb ass gave it to me for free, all I had to do was close my eyes and suck it out of a hose." Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny.
I have a couple pictures of the clay old man I made out of clay with clay. Here are some pictures of him.
Old Man Close Up

Scared Old Man

Hopeless Looking Old Man

Everything is made on this movie now so I can start filming. I am going to try to make this clay-mation the best movie I have made.
Oh, speaking of movies I found an old short animation of my old character Eddy just saying,"Hi There."
Hi There

Well its still pretty early in the morning so I think I'm gonna go play a video game or do something useful.