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Sunday, March 18

True Stories I Made Up

So I've finally figured out how to kill Harold Crick. I only say that because I just had the pleasure of seeing Stranger Than Fiction which was a pretty good movie. I just wanted to start out this post with that, because I'm weird like that.
I also saw a movie called TideLand which is a pretty fucked up flick, ha ha. It's by the same guy who directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Brother's Grimm. The movie made little sense but was absolutely beautiful. If you like weird flicks, check it out.
Headless still isn't done, I still need people to come in for voices which will hopefully occur in this next week. In the meantime Jordan B. came up with a funny new scene which I animated the other day.
I am getting kinda sick of posting about the same crap every time, music and movies is all I ever seem to fuckin talk about!!
Umm, we got some new tiled laid down in the kitchen and that is nice. I didn't help but still, it's nice. I like new things. Most of all I like seeing new things, even if its an arrangement. It's like a little surprise right after you change a living room up or something, you walk in and are like,"Oh, I don't remember changing that." Ha ha, it sounds weird.
I think I talked about this a long time ago, but they are making a Edward Scissorhands Broadway musical thing. It looks farely decent. Here is the website with some photos.
Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands>

I hate school.
I went on a short vacation last week with my dad to South Dakota, a very good state. There we saw family and had a very nice time. My family makes me smile and it was nice to relax/let go and just be there with them. I got to see my little nephew Cohen and my sister and brother and law-my favourite people to be around. But mostly I got to spend time with papa and that made me really happy. Here are some pictures from the trip.
Me and my step mum>

Cohen is amazed by TV>

My dad uses nosespray just like me!>

Cohen's Smile>

Dad and I singing at the nursing home>

Me and my Grandparents>

Me and Grandma Lavon>

Me, my dad and sis>

Aunt Kathy, me and Sarah>

Marissa and I (My sisters sister>

Thats all for today, enjoy :)


  • sounds like you had a great time! I absolutely love the pictures! it must have been tons of fun singing on stage, i wish i could actually sing... but i'm glad you had a great time. can't wait for Headless! =D uber-excited!!! woo!!

    By Blogger Helen, at March 19, 2007  

  • i saw stranger than fiction!!
    i love that movie
    "i work for the irs..everyone hates me."
    "uhm..mr.crick..you're staring at my boobs.."
    yup =]

    By Blogger Tori Anne, at March 22, 2007  

  • thankyou for forcing me to eat the cookie

    By Blogger Jack, at March 22, 2007  

  • your nephew is soooo cute! Aw, happiness for you, Jack. :)

    By Anonymous jase, at March 26, 2007  

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