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Monday, February 5

What's wrong Ronnie?

Its been about another month and Headless still isn't done! But its closer to done so I hope your kind of pleased :P I know I could have done better. My goal is possibly before Valentines day, but I am not making any promises ;)
The remake of The AmittyVille Horror was fuckin scary as hell! I'm sorry but holy crap! ha ha, I loved it! So you know me, I gotta do a review here...
(spoiler here, beware)
The movie has a very original style in horror movies, and you can kind of guess something scary is coming, but you just never know what in this movie! It was very beautiful, as beautiful as horror movies get anyway. My favourite part was the ending where the little dead girl, Jodie, is standing there by herself, then screams bloody murder and gets sucked in the floor! He he he, I laughed :D it was cool. Word of caution, don't watch this movie at night unless you really like getting scared! I made that mistake and now all the lights are on :( Rent it please for me!
I also saw Batman Forever, which I remember not liking the first time around, but I really liked it this time. Jim Carrey is just so perfect for Riddler, it was really beautiful. I love the way he twirls his little cane around! (I really apologize for those of you who haven't seen the movie) Anyway, this is a really cool movie too, not as scary of course.
I apologize, I'm done with my movie rant, I'm sorry I get so into that stuff.
I noticed I post about the same crap all the time.
I went to a school dance this last Friday. I made a fool out of myself trying to dance. I usually just gave up and started hopping along with the beat of the song. It got really hot in there. Helen Lauth was my date for that night though :D Helen kicks ass.
I lost one of my fingerless gloves with Jack Skellington on it, for the second time. I really hope I can find it. I really like these pair of gloves.
I downloaded this really cool screen saver last night where it looks like your entire desktop is on fire! AHHH! It looks really good too, it follows the outline of the picture that you have on your desktop so it looks like its on fire too. I want to take a picture of myself like screaming and running, then have the screen saver come on and it will look like I'm screaming because I'm on fire. I'll give that a try right now, just because I'm that stupid...he he
bye guys


  • sounds cool about the movies! i don't like scary movies much though, they keep me up all night! that dance was kinda fun, thanks for saying i kick @$$, maybe literally sometimes... :) you're an awesome friend. ttyl, can't wait for Headless!

    By Blogger Helen, at February 05, 2007  

  • I can't wait either. This is one of those times when I wish the way-back machine went forward to.

    By Blogger Tom, at February 06, 2007  

  • mr peabody is the coolest!

    By Blogger Helen, at February 10, 2007  

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