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Tuesday, January 9

Appa, Yip Yip!

That is from Catscratch.
I'll cut right to the chase or whatever...thats a weird saying. Well here it is, my other movie History project with Jack and Jordan. This time about World War One, I hope you like it-
Its a little choppy. Its also the first movie where Jordan got to do his voice!
This movie is also filled with quite a bit more violence, I get the shit beat outta me more, but no gore or blood. Just a lot of cartoon violence.
I must apoligize because in the last post I promised I'd have Headless done before the end of the month, I lied and I am sorry. It really seemed like I would have it done. But I did get a lot done on it and I only have one scene left to do. However it is the final and biggest scene.
So by the title you can tell I'm getting into a new TV show, maybe you've heard of it? The Last Airbender is a really interesting show and over the past week I've become a big fan of it.
The the performance of The Swimmer is coming up on Friday at our school. I'm pretty frikken nervouse, not only for that but for performing in competition.
I finished the story for my brother in law for the movie that we want to do. Its called The Caveman, The Squirrel and the Crate. I'm really excited and I hope him and I get to make it into a film soon.
So yeah...I guess it was Christmas like a few weeks ago, he he, I nearly forgot about it. I got lots of neat things. Many music CDs, my favourites are The Brave Lil Toaster, Men in Black 2, Van Helsing and 101 Dalmations (the old cartoon) then I got the story too the movie MirrorMask along with the storyboard. I got a buncha Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and a few movies too.
I'm done...I don't wanna be God!


  • sweet! i'll have to watch the movie at school, or my computer'll die! Performance tomorrow! Eep! Hope you have to wear your costume tomorrow ;-) Break a leg!

    By Blogger Helen, at January 11, 2007  

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