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Sunday, November 19

You don't shave coconuts

HI! So much has happened since last time. I'll try to remember.
I got this new blogspot thing installed where they have all these fancy new things and all, its awful! he he
Its Jordan's birthday today, actually it was yesterday when I first made this post but I didn't get it up until today. So happy birthday partner in crime.
Oh that picture is something I started on in math class, its of Oogie Boogie's lair from The Nightmare Before Christmas-it's actually from the video game.
I've been working a lot on Headless, its coming along quite nicely. I had a really fun time creating a set for the movie. Its a general store so I got to litter it with all kinds of random stuff, its my favourite scene so far.
Here is another one of my first clay-mations. A guy litters (the bastard) ha ha, enjoy the "wonderful" animation and "mind-blowing" special effects in this breath taker.
Litter Bug
I have some of my friends blogs on the sidebar now, so be sure and check them out ;)
It snowed! But its already melting so there's nothing really to report. The weather outside is beautiful. I love the crisp and cool air of winter. Mum always puts the heater on high, so I can always step outside and its so relaxing.
I've seen a few new movies.
First one being Flicka-didn't really like it...at all. The idea seems so overused, sorry to those who did like it.
Second being The Omen-it was a pretty depressing and freaky movie. But it had a nice sense of um...evilness to it I guess.
Third one being Monster House- this one called to me, figures (A big house comes to life, why wouldn't I like it) it just reminded me of the good old days of making up games with my friends.
Fourth was Over the Hedge-pretty fun movie, i guess it could have been better, but it was okay.
And finally Lets go to Prison- this movie was funny, pretty good.
That's it in my wonderful movie reviews.
I think I'm not going to return to my movie Horaro, I'm not really into it anymore. I mean you never really know, I might pick it up in the future. But I have so many exciting plans for the dynamic duo "Jack and Jordan." So I think maybe I'll put what I have together and post it up when I'm done, just so you guys can see the animation and stuff.
I got the lead role in our upcoming one act play,"The Swimmer" I'm nervous and yet not nervous for it. Its a small play and all my lines are pretty much the same thing, but we also have to go to that big place upstate and perform in front of scary judges! I'll probably get over as time goes on.
I got that CD Serenada Schizophrana by Danny Elfman, it is pretty awesome. I have to admit a couple tracks to drag on and get boring, but all in all its really fun to listen to.
Oh my God, you know what thing drives me nuts? That ad where that fuckin lil smiley face says,"Hellooooo!" Its starting to drive me nuts, I wish they would take it away. I always pass over it accidentally when I'm listening to my music and it scares the crap outta me, heh.
Well I think I'm gonna go play Sims 2 Pets, I'm getting addicted to that game :P

See Ya buds!


  • Hi Jack! dude I totally agree with you on Flicka, that movie did suck, lol. Maybe I just know too much about horses ;) I know you're gonna be awesome in The Swimmer, Jack! You're a really good actor. Well, cya at school, can't wait for practices to start up again!

    By Blogger Helen, at November 19, 2006  

  • aw no one comments on your blog! no one does on mine either...
    you're looking good in practice, i mean you're really playing your part and not half-assing anything whcih is great : )
    yeah... that's all i have to say i guess : b

    By Blogger Helen, at December 09, 2006  

  • yeah that's gross Jack! lol
    thanks! i'm trying, it's weird trying to walk like a girl... = b well i am going to go back to my country music now, ttyl!

    By Blogger Helen, at December 10, 2006  

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