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Tuesday, October 31

This is Halloween, This is Halloween

Today was my favorite holiday! It was pretty friggen sweet. I dressed up as Edward Scissorhands and thought it looked really cool, I couldn't stop smiling when I looked in a mirror, ha ha. So here are some picture of it...
Edward Picture 1

Edward Picture 2

Edward Picture 3

Edward Picture 4

We also had the play Romeo and Juliet this weekend, Shakespeare classic tragic love tail. Quite an adventure this has been. The two performance nights were amazing, it was so exciting! Oh yeah, the part I played was Mercutio whom is Romeo's crazy/insane/totally wicked/slightly gay friend. C'mon the guy never gets a girl if you know what I mean. I didn't get into that character until way late in practice. Then performance night I got the make-up and it was inspiring. And well-here are some pictures from the play too...
Our Theater Director

Romeo (Jordan) and I (Mercutio)

Brandon a.k.a. Gimpy (Benvolio)

Mikey (Tybalt)

Mac, Kaci and Tristin a.k.a. Charley's Angels

Jeff (some old guy) and I







It was an awesome play and everyone did an amazering job (That's Jack Quincey talk for better than amazing, k?)
Um, everything else has been going slow. Headless hasn't gotten very far since last time because I've been so busy on building Lego sets for it :( I'm going to have Jordan over this weekend and we're gonna think up some gags for the movie, that's always fun.
News on Emily, she has been doing really well lately. She's eating birdseed out of my hand now, its pretty sweet. So she's used to my hand (with a glove on it) I'm gonna slowly work on getting her out of the cage now.
Well I can't have a post without a movie now. So here is SHADOWS. A kind of weird horror movie that's not really a horror movie that I made back in 9th grade. I just redid the voices for it and added music (sorry Mr. Little :( )But its really kind of my first clay-motion movie.

Lesssee, what else should I post about that's of interest. Music stuff-nothing really new, I'm in the process of saving up for one of Danny Elfman's new CD's. It's called Serenada Schizophrana and its a concert work rather than a musical score for a movie. I don't think Elfman has done anything like this before, so I can't wait to hear how he does with no limits.
I've been playing Destroy All Humans for PS2, ha ha, its really funny. Your an alien and you terrorize the human race with out of this world weapons. When you beat the game it also unlocks this secret video that is an old film called Teenagers from Outer Space made back in the 50's, it was really interesting.
I better go to bed, Happy Halloween-every one sing to the pumpkin song...


  • Jack, you were totally awesome in R&J! Way to go!

    Do you think you could email any pictures that you like from the play so I can start putting them into a slideshow?

    Thanks much!


    By Blogger Telaldalin, at November 05, 2006  

  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I'm OLD! I don't want to be old, I just started enjoying makeing fun of my daddy for having age lines. AHHHHHH! Oh well, I love the pictures Jacky.


    By Blogger shoneyrox, at November 07, 2006  

  • Jack the pictures rock! And so did your costume! Hey, if you get time, can you e-mail me copies of all the pictures of the play? That'd be great! Well, ttyl friend

    By Blogger Helen, at November 08, 2006  

  • Hi Jack!
    I am so very bored bored bored. are you so very bored bored bored? Hey did you know that "man who run in front of car get tired, but man who run behind car get exhausted"? hee hee got that from Gimp. :)
    Hey congrats a lot on getting cast as the Swimmer! I am so excited for you, I know you're gonna do awesome!
    well, i shall ttyl

    By Blogger Helen, at November 16, 2006  

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