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Friday, October 13

I found that old picture of Jack and Jordan and the Chocolate Factory and thought it looked pretty cool besides the fuzziness :)
I thought it was that time to update again, so here I am. The secret movie is done and I shall have it up here by next week. I've also completed another movie which was a History Project for a class in school. Jack and Jordan return this time to teach us about the civil war, however I don't have that one uploaded yet :( I'm sorry. That one will be next week too. In addition i've also completed editing my old claymation Shadows which I made about two years ago now. I redid the voices and added some music. Its actually kind of creepy, Mwa ha ha ha ha! I've also started work again on Headless, I'm still not that far into it but its a working progress. Jack has been busy...in his own crap. This proves I have way too much time on my hands, which I think everyone knew already :D
Well lets see, more fun crap...baby its cold outside! I absolutely love it! People hate the cold, and that's okay. I really prefer being cold over warm. I love stepping out in the cool frisky air and just smelling it all in, it brings me back to childhood days.
Hey guess what! I'm on Prozac now! I kind of really rather enjoy it a little bit. It gets my mood up, but it also scares me to death that I might be going overboard with it. So please please please let me know if I am getting on your nerves, I might tend to be a little more hyper sometimes, and I deeply apologize for that.
Oh I almost forgot, here is another old movie of mine of mouth movements and crap.
Mouth Movements

I'm sure i'll be updating again next week so I'll stop talking, goodbye.


  • i like being hyper! hyper people are fun yay! lol can't wait to see those videos! but cold is cold, and if you read my comment on little's blog you'll see why... i set up my deerstand today! excited for the season, first weekend of November man... oh, we were thinking about your death scene as Mercutio, and we think it'd be really convincing and cool if you like, shook a little more i guess, like weak knees or something, and almost falling over... i don't know it's hard to explain, but you're doing an awesome job! well, that was a long post, so i guess i will ttyl and cya at school!

    By Blogger Helen, at October 14, 2006  

  • thanks Helena! I'm gonna call you Helena, lol, i'm such a dork :P
    i like long comments, there very nice to read. i'll give the shaking a try, that sounds good.

    By Blogger Jack, at October 14, 2006  

  • Coolness! Yay now i feel smart...! Geez, after tonight I might have a little more time and be more relaxed, I'll have turned in the stupid Biology paper... Oh, the FFA corn drive is on Thursday, super excited for that! I get to drive Dad's huge red Ford, and load it up with FFA members and blast the country music! Last year was great, Jeff Pagel drove the truck and it was super fun. Well, guess that's about it, cya at practice!

    By Blogger Helen, at October 17, 2006  

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