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Wednesday, September 20

What the hell have you got on your feet?

School started, just as fast as I expected, no surprise there.
News news news...um...i'm farther on that secret movie, and I hope to soon finish it.
I saw this movie Mirror Mask last weekend and its really cool. Please rent it if you want, I believe it would be worth your time :) Very imaginative. I also watched Mars Attacks, that movie is just plain weird, but I love it anyway. You probably won't want to rent that movie, most would find it just...weird.
Here's a new movie, another one of my old ones. Its kind of fun to watch. The ending kind of reminds me of The Motorbike, he he
Early Animations

In other news, my parakeet Emily is doing just a little better. She still gets afraid when you take her out of her cage. But she seems to be responding more with chirps and squakes, its funny. Whenever I come home from school or just come in the door she greets me with a chirp, kinda cute really :) I usually say to her,"Hello Emily...pretty bird," to which she squakes some more. So it must be some form of conversation, lol
I've caught my first cold since school has started. Its not so bad though. Just a runny nose pretty much.
In our science class we had to build boats out of cardboard and duct tape, then get inside them, and race them across a lake. When I first heard this I was pretty scared, then thought it would be fun. We built the boat, then we raced it on Monday in the cold :( I'm thinkin that's how I got sick. Our boat didn't sink though, so that was good.
Riddle me this, what walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three in the evening? See if you can answer that ;) "If you get it wrong, I'll devour you, bones and all!"


  • Jack, Jack, Jack, that's the oldest riddle in the book. It's (hu)man. A baby in the "morning" of life, crawling on all fours; an adult in the "afternoon", walking on two legs; and an old person in the "evening", walking with a cane.

    Totally knew that one. ;)

    I used to have a parakeet, but he died when I was in eighth grade. I love birds, they're so happy!

    But colds are evil. I have one too, and I have since, like, a month ago. First it was just a cough, but now it's graduated to the runny nose and sinus pressure as well. So much fun, yep. :b

    See you in October!



    By Blogger Drama Boss, at September 21, 2006  

  • Hi Jack what's up? Hope you get over your cold, I think my allergies are contributing to mine... ick. But it's getting better, I hope at least. Your bird sounds really cool, you should post some pics of her! Our friends have a bird and he makes burping and farting noises, and yells at their dogs and everything... ;D ttyl bro

    By Blogger Helen, at September 23, 2006  

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