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Wednesday, August 30

watch the birdy

I uploaded some of my older movies from when I first got my camera. They are poorly done but also kinda fun to watch, here are two to make up for last time.


I got my Robots soundtrack, and its pretty good. I don't like some of the tracks because they just kind of drag on, but a lot of them are fun to listen to :)
I went the chiropractor today. That was kind of nice cause he cracked my back, head and feet! Yay, my feet don't hurt anymore ^^ ha ha, I'm such a dork.
I got a Parakeet today =D I named her Emily, I love that name. So many things in my life have the name Emily. My very good friend Emily, the character Emily in my Horaro story, Emily in Hide and Seek. I looked at this bird and the name Emily came right to mind. She is such a beautiful bird, but terribly terrified. She won't let you near her. She actually got out of her cage today. She bit my mom when she picked her up, ha ha, I laughed. But I am gonna try to work everyday to make her less afraid, I'll try putting my hand in the cage so she can accept that, then taking her out and holding her, slow exposure, you know.
I'm really excited cause there is this guy that has this really big clay animation site...here-
and he said he might put some of my movies up on his sight, so more people could watch them >.<
I'm going over to South Dakota to see my sister, Misty, on Friday. I am really excited about that too, Misty is one of the nicest sisters you could ever wish for, she makes me happy =)
Mr. Sandman, send me a dream, k? Thanks, bye


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