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Wednesday, August 23

Good evening,
I was going through my letters a while back and I found a bunch of old letters from my dad. He used to draw me cartoons with word bubbles saying something funny about me. So I scanned them and cut them out and made a collage, that's a picture of it, and that's my papa in the middle ^^ It was fun to make!
I also put a bunch of drawings I had in a little notepad together and made another collage, its not as good, but its a lot of drawings I did when I was younger. They looked like they've been traced, but they aren't, pretty good huh ^^
I don't have a movie for you today, I'm sorry :( But I'm taking a tiny break from Headless to make a surprise video, but I can't talk about it, cuz its a surprise...shh!
My good friend Brianna writes lyrics and poems, and she has a blog. Please visit it, she is very good!
Breezy's Poems

There making a 3D version of The Nightmare Before Christmas, where you put on the glasses and it feels like your in the movie. I've never been to a movie like that so I don't really know what its like. I think it's coming out this October in theaters. I'm just glad Disney isn't adding a new song or something gay like that, ha ha.
I saw the movie Robots a while back, I really liked it. I have to admit its not the best story line, but its just really fun and cool to look at....SHINY! The music was really fun to, so I ordered the soundtrack right away, ha ha :P
I also saw Ghost Ship which is really weird, I guess I didn't really like it. I was always preparing for something to jump out and scare me, but it never really did. Bit of a disappointment really, quite...
OH! I got this new video game a while ago, but its not really a video game. It's called Eye Toy and its for PS2. Its a camera that hooks up to the console and your actually in the game. For example, you can play table tennis, and you have to swing your hand when the ball comes over and it flies back, its a motion sensor thing but its really fun and bound to make you laugh up a storm. There are so many different games too. And your exercising while playing cause you have to run, jump and move around to play. Ha ha, I just realized something....is it possible to laugh up a storm? Who came up with that saying, ha ha. Like when you laugh does it thunder and lightening? That would be cool. I'm sorry, it just made me giggle and it was something I wanted to point out :D
Music-wise I got the Mars Attacks! soundtrack and I'm glad I got it. I'm sorry I'm ranting about my love for soundtracks again, but its really a good score, though a little weird too. I really liked it because it felt so new yet so familiar to me. It was by Danny Elfman (of course) and it has a combination of the sounds from Beetlejuice, a little of Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Batman. All those different elements combined, it was just a really fun CD, you might not know what I'm talking about at all, ha ha. But I got it off my chest, phew I feel better :)
Anyway, I had a lot to talk about, so I hope you had fun! Bye


  • I had fun reading it, and that video game sounds really cool, I want to play it someday! i wish i could see your videos faster, it takes like hours to load them through once, then they play fine, but having the time to tie up the phone to do it just sucks, I hate dial up AOL!!! lol

    By Blogger Helen, at September 24, 2006  

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