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Saturday, May 13

come out come out wherever you are

I made an animation for my good friend Emily, because she didn't get anything for Easter. So I made her this movie, here you go Emily :D
Happy Easter

Well lets see, it has been a while.
I wrote a new story called The Gum. It's pretty short, but I really like it. I will post it up here when I finish typing it up. I am working on a story right now about a mattress that likes to eat people. I find its fun when you take objects and make them come alive and be evil or somethin, its fun :)
Horaro has come a long way, its pretty awesome. I am pretty much done with the third scene in the movie where it's in a classroom.
I really like the movie Hide and Seek. I watched it a couple weeks ago and I got connected instantly. I really got drawn to the characters closely, mostly Emily and her father. While some of the other characters you develop an annoyance for and wish they would go away, he he. I couldn't help but love the freaky "pull back the shower curtain and find a bloody corpse even though its quite morbid" sequences. I loved the hanging bicycle in the basement too, that was kinda classic :D (You have to see it to know what the hell I am talking about) :P
It had a nice twisting ending too, just a great horror movie in my opinion.
Our play is coming up in less than a week. I guess I am not really nervous for it, I got my lines down mostly, with the occasional slip here and there. I still need to work on my background acting, but I think I have it under control, I hope all the other Drama Monkeys do too.
"You know I love you more than anything Emily."
"That's what mommy said...before she killed herself."


  • Yay Jack! Thank you soo much for the video! I'll have to draw you an uber cool picture! Sorry I haven't been on lately,but, I am on my last day of school and our show opens in two days. I have performances going on for three weeks, so, maybe I'll be able to get on and check up on you. And I would love to read your story about the gum and man eating matress! >.< Yay!

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at May 17, 2006  

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