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Monday, April 24

Chewing Gum that's really gross

I have been trying hard to upload my movies, but I have only managed two so far. They are two of my early films and I was using a different animating program at the time so they are kind of sketchy and have bad quality. But they are kind of entertaining to watch anyway, so here you go, more to come.

Pepsi Can

The Broken TV

Horaro is coming along great, I have completed quite a few more scenes. Though I am far from done, at least production has finally picked up :)
I got some more clay the other day, so I might be able to finish making James' body, ha ha, that sounded kinda creepy :P
I have also come up with a new story idea :D Are you ready for this...A boy finds a piece of gum and chews it, okay, and he spits it out because it tastes gross. Then the chewed gum morphs into an evil version of the boy. He has two big red eyes and one of them opens up to reveal a small machine gun. Then I want to do something where his hand is like a chainsaw or a knife or something. Yeah, I have kind of stopped the Proper Ville story :( I couldn't get into it, and it just got boring.
I have a big reading test tomorrow that is going to take all day, I feel like not giving it effort, so I don't know.
And Emily, I promise to try and draw something from Kingdom Hearts for you, okay :)
I have to go shower, bye!
"...I can see that I've disturbed you, how stupid of me, I'll just be going now..."
"Don't go.."


  • sweet looking you should try and use http://www.veoh.com it seams to run a little faster for most people.

    By Blogger Chuck, at April 24, 2006  

  • He he! I love those movies Jack! I have a feeling you will go far with your talent. It makes me think about getting into voice acting for Anime or something. And just take your time with the kingdom Hearts Character. I still haven't come up with a new one yet. Have a great day Jack!

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at April 26, 2006  

  • I like reading your posts too Jack! I really want to ask him if he would like to spend some time together this weekend, but I have so much stuff I need to get done. >.< Gosh, I just don't know what to do!

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at May 04, 2006  

  • Yeah...it does suck major big fat Emo toe. But I'm OK. I can't wait to see more of your animations. You are so good at it! I'm glad you liked my picture. There were a couple more I took that I will post later. Love you Jack!

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at May 11, 2006  

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