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Tuesday, February 14

Heart Attack

It's valentines day, and I found that my answers don't lie at the end of a nuse. Today was an "interesting" day, watching all the young lovers in the hall while I had very little interest in them (when in fact I was so jealous of them all!) But yeah, it was an okay day. A shout out to Melissa and Amanda, thank you my dears for the valentines! I love you guys! And of course a shout out to Hayley whom is my best friend and an awesome girl, love you too Hayley!
Mr. Little and I have come up with a marvelous idea for a comic strip. It's so original, yet so fresh at the same time. See when my teacher, Mr. Little, drives me home we pretty much say the weirdest things you would want to puke at, such as...
"You..you know, I like to freeze little oompa loompas and lick them, they taste like pixie sticks," or, "You know...your great grandma is one fine piece of ass." We decided to write down these jokes and try to put them on a comic strip. I am in the works of designing the two freaks that say this stuff, and so far have been trying to make it look at twisted as possible, after all...they are talking about there "hot" great grandmothers.
I have been working on a new short story this past month called Valentines Day Attack. It's more of a normal story about a teenager who gets schizophrenia and starts seeing things, triggered by the loss of someone very important to him. It's a tragic story, but I want it to have a good ending. I'm very excited about it, just wanted to share it.
Anyway, drama club seems to be doing good, and I hope I get to be on tech crew again. I really love tech crew, it has this feeling you know where no one notices you and you are just kind of backstage and you can kind of avoid everything and it's just a fun job.
I hope you all had an O.K. valentines day


  • Hey Jack! Thanks for the comments on my new post! I believe the picture was taken in Panama....but I don't quite recall. I hope just one silly little "holiday" doesn't keep your spirits too down.( I hated this holiday even when I had a boyfriend...o.o;) But, the conversations you have with Mr. Little sound like fun. Simillar to the conversations I have with Mr.Blaise, my chorus and guitar teacher.
    Have a great day Jack!

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at February 16, 2006  

  • Hey Emily,
    Valentines day has always been a depressing day for me, it's just kinda weird I guess, but oh well.
    Ha ha, yes Mr. Little and I have interesting conversations all the time, it's great!
    Oh, I didn't know you played guitar, thats awesome. Mr. Little plays guitar too, he is the man! ha ha
    Have a good day Emily

    By Blogger Jack, at February 16, 2006  

  • o fine, no shout out to me...u asshole...

    By Blogger Hayley, at February 17, 2006  

  • There you go Hayley, left you a comment, just cause you know i luv yeah : )

    By Blogger Jack, at February 17, 2006  

  • I love playing guitar! It is so fun but I think I play diffrent things than Mr. Little would...IE: Japanese music...o.o; So, no worries about V day...it's a stupid excuse fora holiday.....now, St. Patricks day is another story.lol.

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at February 17, 2006  

  • Oh thats cool! (I pretty much love Japan) Good luck with your guitar playing, I wish I could hear it sometime.
    I never really understood St Patricks day, what the hell is it??? Its green, I don't get it! it scares me

    By Blogger Jack, at February 18, 2006  

  • Today was an "interesting" day, watching all the young lovers in the hall while I had very little interest in them (when in fact I was so jealous of them all!)

    Lol i feel the exact same as you jack *sigh*

    By Blogger Mz.Skellington (Leah), at February 18, 2006  

  • It happens : /

    By Blogger Jack, at February 19, 2006  

  • Well, St. Patricks is more of an Irish holiday...(proud of being part irish, though wishes having an accent too...)
    It gives them an excuse to drink. He he.

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at February 23, 2006  

  • I hope my crush likes me too. Yes, I plan on writing about the pirate soon...somewhat of an inside joke I'm going to share, lol. Colouring can be a good thing illustraions, but very aggrevating and time consuming. That is why I limit myself on certain projects.

    By Blogger Rain Sparrow, at February 24, 2006  

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